(NativeObjectWorldArchitecture) NOWA-Engine

Chapter: PhysicsActiveDestructableComponent

This component can be used to break a model into parts physically, when an acting force is high enough. Due to performance reasons, the origin mesh model must be splitted into parts.
This can be done with the MeshSplitter command line tool, which can be used under: ‘..\media\models\MeshSplitter.exe’.

For example:

MeshSplitter.exe -smooth -relsize 0.35 -cut_surface “Material/SOLID/TEX/tower1_Cube.tga” -random “Structures/tower.01.mesh” “Structures/”

Note that the mesh model must not be to complex. E.g. a house with rooms cannot be splitted properly and may cause problems. The mesh model must also not be to small. When this component is used, the original mesh model is hidden and all the parts loaded and connected with break able hinge joints with convex hull collisions. When a part is to small, a box collision is created, because convex hull would cause trouble. Because convex hulls are used, the collisions may intersect with neighbour collisions, hence the collisions between all connected parts are disabled.