(NativeObjectWorldArchitecture) NOWA-Design

Written by:


  • Lukas Kalinowski


The NOWA-Design editor uses the NOWA-Engine intensively. The editor can be used to create complex virtual environments. The speciality is its ability to test everything at runtime. The user may create a world add some GameObjects arm the GameObjects with some components to obtain some abilities like physics behaviors or particle effects, sounds etc. When the user presses the “Play” button. Everything will be rendered in realtime and the user may interact with the GameObjects. By pressing the “Stop” button everything will be placed in an “undo”-step to its stage before the simulation has happened. The biggest feature is that the LuaScriptComponent, that can be used for any game object, adding custom behavior at runtime, which is demonstrated in the video below “NOWA Design LuaScript AreaOfInterest”. The NOWA-Design editor has a lot of functionalities. Some will be listed below:

  • Ogre2.1 workspace management to create and change workspaces for “Physically Based Shading” (PBS), skies and sky-reflections at realtime
  • Full integrated undo/redo functionality
  • Camera position/orientation undo/redo functionality
  • GameObject selection undo/redo functionality
  • Gizmo in order to help transform GameObjects
  • Several GameObject place modes like stacking and orientated stacking
  • Creation of GameObject-groups and store them. So that complex scenarios can be created bit by bit
  • Tons of components which can be added to GameObjects and activated
  • Interface for Lua scripting and on the fly activation of the scripts
  • Recast pathfinding integration
  • Terra integration


Feature videos of NOWA-Design: